Ronn Yedidia: Prophets for piano (1981)


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Preface(English, Japanese): Ronn Yedidia


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Preface by the composer Ronn Yedidia
Prophets is constructed as a fast Rondo. Its main & catchy jazz theme recurs between each of the other rather varied six parts. Stylistically it integrates a diversity of solo-piano genres ranging from Liszt & Chopin, Debussy & Bartók, and all the way to Ragtime music, Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson and Chick Corea. Harmonically rich and rhythmically syncopated Prophets presents highly demanding musical & technical challenges. It requires right-hand technique on the level of Chopin/Liszt etudes and Tatum/Peterson riffs, as well as a characterful jazz touch & accent in both right & left hands throughout the entire piece.

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