Gabriel Fauré/ Yasuhiro Natsume: Pavane (Transcription pour piano à 4 mains)


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Foreword by Yasuhiro Natsume
Recently the piano four hands have received more attention due to the activities of the piano players who perform splendidly in the city and the duo groups who are fascinated by transcendental technique. However, piano duet is essentially chamber music, and the joy of dialogue and communication between the two players is the basis of it. In addition to that, the colors and sound that can only be achieved by four hands have attracted many composers in the past and present, and various works have been born.

“Pavane” Op. 50, composed by Gabriel Fauré, is a representative work written in his middle age. Initially, it was composed as a symphonic piece, but its quiet and beautiful melody attracts many people and is played on various instruments. There is also a solo piano version arranged by himself, and Fauré’s own proficient performances are also recorded on the piano roll. I came up with the idea of arranging this four-handed piano version a few years ago in the winter. I was a little skeptical about the meaning of making a new version, but as I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t suppress my desire to wrap this work with a beautiful sound that can only be obtained with four piano hands.

Inspired by the falling snow, this arrangement is based on a two-octave movement, aiming to bring out the delicate, crystal-like sound of the piano. Since there are many places where the hands of both players need to approach or cross each other, It may not be easy to play, but I hope you enjoy the process of finding a solution together in front of the piano as well.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my wife, who is also my duo’s partner for practicing day and night together, and Mr. Shota Ezaki of Muse Press LLC., who did a wonderful and professional work for the publication of this arrangement.

Yasuhiro Natsume
Born in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from Meiji University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Western History, he completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree in piano at The Chopin University of Music in Poland. He started his career as a performer while he was still in school, and has expanded his international activities based in Japan and Poland. He has a wide range of activities such as chamber musician, accompanist and composer / arranger for piano four hands. In recent years he has also started his career as a mentor, teaching younger generations in masterclasses and lessons.

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