Ronn Yedidia: Fantasy for piano (2007)


Prix HT|230 x 300 mm|24 pages
Preface(English, Japanese): Ronn Yedidia


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Preface by the composer Ronn Yedidia
The Fantasy is an ultra-romantic, semi-impressionistic, large-scale poetic work. Its heavens-searching, rather sparse main theme – leads the composition through its various parts, constantly modulating from key to key, often expanding, and occasionally giving way for other themes to join in momentarily. Starting in the key of G minor, the composition’s most significant transition occurs in measure 124 (about a third of the way) when the music shifts to the key of G-Sharp Major “out of the blue” – featuring a completely new theme – thus carrying the Fantasy into a new realm of magic which alters & deepens the psychological disposition of the work thereafter. A slow section of ringing bells and chimes (Lento sublime, starting on measure 177) intervenes with an echo of prolonged, suggestive staticity – before slowly & gradually creeping back into full motion. An extensive “Grande” section (measure 259 and on) marks the courageous closing Finale of the Fantasy with its bittersweet battle – mixed in the keys & flavors of F-Sharp Major and F-Sharp minor, and interspersed with occasional infusions of G minor fragments flashing back to the opening key and theme of the work.

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