Oscar Straus/Leopold Godowsky: The Last Waltz (Foreword by Marc-André Hamelin)


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Foreword: Marc-André Hamelin


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This arrangement was discovered by Gilles Hamelin, the father of pianist Marc-André Hamelin. Gilles Hamelin was a pharmacist and a great amateur pianist who had a great influence on his son Marc. The arrangement is based on the operetta of the Austrian composer Oscar Straus (unrelated to the Strauss family), whose names are rarely heard today. Around 1970, Jill Hamelin discovered the piano roll of “The Last Waltz”, which was self-produced by Leopold Godowsky. Shortly thereafter a transcript of Gilles Hamelin was published by a small American publisher (Fig. 1), and a few years later, the autograph of the work was found. This led many to anticipate the publication of a complete version of this work, but it was never published until now.

Fig. 1: Published by Musical Scope Publishers


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