New publication – H.Bishop/L.Godowsky: “Home, sweet home”

We are delighted to announce that we will publish an unpublished transcription “Home, sweet home” by Leopold Godowsky (the original piece was composed by Henry Bishop) with a preface by the Canadian composer-pianist Marc-André Hamelin.

Although Leopold Godowsky recorded the transcription on piano roll and Brunswick, its sheet music have never been published up to now for some unknown reasons. The pre-order of the sheet music will start at the recital by Marc-André Hamelin on 25th of June in Tokyo. And the online sales will start on 26th of June thorough the website of Muse Press.

Price:1,000 yen
Date of advanced sale:26th of June, 2018 – at this event
Date of general release:27th of June, 2018(on the webshop of Muse Press)
Page numbers: 8 pages
ISBN: 978-4-909668-05-9

Piano Transcriptions by Vincenzo Maltempo

The Italian pianist Vincenzo Maltempo  is one of the leading pianists of his generation. On the other hand, he is also buldingan incredible career as a composer and transcriber. Muse Press is finally ready to publish his transcripitons and cadenza.

Maltempo: Cadenza (to the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by F. Liszt)
Wagner/Maltempo: Tristan und Isolde – Prelude (Transcription for piano)
Maltempo: 3 Piano Transcriptions of songs (Debussy, R. Strauss, Mahler)

New publication: Kohei Tanaka/Pianeet – GUNBUSTER FANTASY & Incomplete Concerto

We are delighted to announce the publication of Kohei Tanaka/Pianeet’s “GUNBUSTER FANTASY” & “Incomplete Concerto”. It will be available for advanced sale at the concert by Yui Morishita(Pianeet) & Takashi Yamada in Kanagawa on 26th of May, 2018. The general release will take place on 28th of May 2018 via our webshop.

The transcription for piano “GUNBUSTER FANTASY” was based on the Japanese composer Tanaka Kohei’s original pieces that were composed for the sci-fi anime “Aim for the Top!”. In fact, this anime is known as “Gunbuster” rather than “Aim for the Top!” outside Japan. What is the “Gunbuster” ?… It is a space-going giant robot which was developed by the human for fighting against the space monsters invading the earth. The “GUNBUSTER FANTASY” was completed by Pianeet (Autonym: Yui Morishita) in 2011 and recorded on his debut album called “Singularity“. In addition to the album’s release, a video of his performance of “GUNBUSTER FANTASY” can be available on YouTube and Niconico. Pianeet is describing this piece as below:

“GUNBUSTER FANTASY” has the structure which is intended to remind listeners of the original anime story, based on the original musics composed by Kohei Tanaka. It would be appropriate to regard the “FANTASY” as the combination of suite or medley of the original sound tracks and overture style. As regarding that the musical motifs of “Gunbuster” and “Noriko” are respectively “1st theme” and “2nd theme” of G minor sonata form, we will have deeper understanding of the importance of the two motifs and the whole structure of the work. The recapitulation part  is actually out of typical sonata form, but the tonal relation between the themes is intentionally theoretical.

The second transcription by Pianeet is “Incomplete Concerto”. This is originally composed by Kohei Tanaka and it was used for the TV anime “Violinist of Hameln” as an opening theme song. When Pianeet performed its transcription at a concert in Kanagawa, he described on Twitter as bellow:

Mr. Tanaka says that the Incomplete Concerto is one of the best three works ever he has composed at least until 2009.
I’m fascinated every time I play the piece. This is absolutely cool!

Thank you very much to Masanori Enoki (composer, pianist) for helping to edit/proofread this publication.

Price:2,500 yen (2,315 yen VAT excluded).
Date of advanced sale:26th of May, 2018 – at this event
Date of general release:28th of May, 2018(on the webshop of Muse Press)
Page numbers: 52 pages
ISBN: 978-4-909668-03-5

Yui Morishita – Profile

Yui Morishita, piano Yui Morishita is a Japanese pianist and composer. After graduating from Junior and Senior High School at Komaba, Tsukuba University, Yui Morishita studied piano at Tokyo University of the Arts and its Graduate School. In 2004, he won second prize at the Tokyo Music Competition. At his final recital of the Graduate School in 2006, he was chosen as one of the outstanding students to take part in the Bösendorfer Joint Recital (held at Hamarikyu Asahi Hall). He has given solo recitals at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall and also performs widely as orchestral soloist, song accompanist, and chamber musician. In addition to his playing, he provides music for films and he writes too. He is a strong advocate of the music of Alkan: he has edited and written commentary for the Japanese editions of his music and he has published a series of articles for Piano Teachers’ National Association website. He gave an all-Alkan recital in 2013, commemorating the 200th anniversary of his birth. Morishita is Associate Producer of the Chofu Festival in Tokyo, and also music staff of the Conducting Department at the Tokyo University of the Arts. In the online community, especially on video-sharing sites such as YouTube, he is also known under the name of “Duke of Pianeet”, and his CD “Singularity” released in 2011 became Amazon Japan’s top-selling CD in classical music.

Pre-order: Maltempo’s transcription of Wagner “Tristan und Isolde” prelude

Additional publication of Vincenzo Maltempo’s transcription, Prelude from Wagner’s “Tristan and Isolde” is now on pre-order. We’ll start shipping it with his Cadenza to Liszt’s 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody. Thus those who have ordered the former publication can save additional shipping cost.

Wagner/Maltempo: Prelude from “Tristan und Isolde”

As if originally intended for the work for piano, Maltempo captured Wagner’s mature chromatic counterpoints and transcribed them with highly refined pianistic language. You can find Maltempo’s highly accomplished technic of transcription.

12 pages for content. 1500 yen without VAT. It will be published early April. We now accept your pre-order on our site.

Pre-Order: Vincenzo Maltempo’s cadenza for Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody no.2

Muse Press is really pleased to announce that we have just opened a pre-order of the Cadenza to Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Vincenzo Maltempo. The composer is considered one of the most talented Italian pianists of his generation, and he has been recognized as a great interpreter of the music of Charles-Valentin Alkan. Especially, it is notable that he performed the complete set of Alkan’s Douze études dans tous les tons mineurs, Op. 39 in one night(!) in Japan, 2013. His repertoire goes all the way from the baroque to the contemporary music, particularly the romantic music is his specialty. Recently he recorded piano sonatas by Glazunov, Kosenko for PIANO CLASSICS.

Liszt composed his 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody in 1847, the most famous of all the 19 ones. Around the end of the piece, the composer gives a special invitation for pianists to perform their own cadenza (he write “cadenza ad libitum”). Definitely, Mr. Maltempo accepts the invitation. He recorded the piece with his cadenza for the album of the complete Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsodies issued by PIANO CLASSICS, and he also performed many times in his recitals. The cadenza is witty and improvisational, reflecting the fragments of the original melody. We hope you will enjoy this fantastic cadenza.

The price is 1,500 yen (1,389 yen VAT excluded). Click here for the pre-order. The score will be out on the mid-March, 2018. postponed to early April with another publication of Wagner/Maltempo’s Prelude from “Tristan und Isolde”. Thank you for your patient.

Vincenzo Maltempo’s profile

Vincenzo Maltempo is artistic personality finds an important place in the contemporary wide and diversified music scene after his massive recordings and recitals dedicated to Charles-Valentin Alkan of which he is considered one of the most authoritative interpreter and connoisseur in the world. Since 2009, in fact, he recorded the most important Alkan works for the English label ‘Piano Classics’; this considerable work has attracted the attention of the most renowned international magazines such as Diapason, The Guardian, PianoNews, Gramophone and others where his recordings get the coveted ’5 Stars’. He recorded and played Alkan’s most important works and he is one of the very few interpreters who played the whole set of the “Douze études dans toutes les tons mineurs” Op. 39 in one single recital (Yokohama, November 2013). As a result of his continuous work of rediscovering and promoting the forgotten Alkan music, he was awarded with the honorary membership of the “Alkan Society” in London. In fact his discography, besides to Alkan, can count many other recordings dedicated to Franz Liszt (“Klavierwerke”, Gramola, 2009, and the Complete Hungarian Rhapsodies, prized by Gramophone as “Editor’s Choice” in February 2017 and defined “the finest I’ve ever heard” by P. Ruckert in his review on the same magazine), to Robert Schumann (Piano Classics 2014), to the music for Violin and Piano by Michele Esposito with the violinist Carmelo Andriani (Brilliant Classics 2014) and to S. Lyapunov, with an important recording of his “12 Études d’exécution transcendante, Op. 11” (Piano Classics 2017). All of them are prized with the highest awards from the international press. His international career sees him performing in the most important Festivals and theaters in Europe (Venice “La Fenice”, Cagliari “Teatro Lirico”, Spoleto “Festival dei due Mondi”, Liszt Festival in Raiding, the “Raritäten der Klaviermusik” in Husum etc), America (Miami “International Piano Festival” etc), Mexico (“Festival Internacional de Piano en Blanco y Negro”), Asia. He regularly hold Masterclasses and he is invited as jury member in National and International Competitions. His musical journey, began in a very early age spontaneously in his family, is heavily influenced by Salvatore Orlando which is pianist and teacher, pupil of Sergio Fiorentino and after continues with Riccardo Risaliti at the International Piano Academy “Incontri col Maestro” in Imola. He lives in his birthplace, Benevento. He currently teaches at the Conservatory “Gesualdo da Venosa”, in Potenza, Italy.


His own cadenza starts at 9:15.

Mail order started: The Moldau – transcription for piano by Kotaro Fukuma

“The Moldau”, transcription for piano by Kotaro Fukuma, was released and mail order was launched today on this site. You can purchase it from the shop page of the header menu. 2,000 yen for 1 copy (currency will be daily changed). We also sell 60 set limited edition, containing Fukuma Kotaro concert brochure (English), so please purchase as soon as possible. Shipping is scheduled from the 9th of January.

Payment method

  • Credit Cards(VISA/Master/American Express)with stripe payment gateway
  • PayPal (will be available in the mid of January)

Shipping method

  • EMS (most rapid method)
  • Air Mail (standard method)
  • SAL (less expensive, usually it takes 2 weeks or so)
  • e-packet light (traceable, as rapid as SAL, but only ship to limited country)

News: Our first publication, Moldau (transcribed for solo piano by Kotaro Fukuma)

We are very happy to announce our first publication: The Moldau (Smetana) transcribed by the Japanese pianist Kotaro Fukuma who is one of the most prominent pianists of his generation.


This transcription is recorded in the album «Sing to water» (Esprit du Piano) in 2015 which he performed it many times in his concerts. Since the pianist never wrote it down, Shota Ezaki who is one of the co-founders of Muse Press tried to write it down from his recording. And Mr. Fukuma revised the score, and added some ossias in order to make the definitive edition. The score is contained in 32 pages of which 26 pages are for the transcription, featuring fully orchestral sounds of one of the most famous works in the history of music, and at the same, showing a mastery writing of pianistic dynamics.

The transcription will maximize the possibility of piano, demonstrate how the piano can illustrate several expressions of sounds.

We will launch a pre-sales of the score in Mr. Fukoma’s recitals in this December 2017. The score will be available to the general public for purchase from the January 2018. The price is 2,000 yen (1,852 yen VAT excluded). We will create a reservation form as soon as possible.


Profile (English)


photo by Takuji Shimmura

Born in Tokyo, Kotaro Fukuma has received many high awards in international competitions. At the age of 20, Kotaro won both First Prize and the Chopin Prize at the 15th Cleveland International Piano Competition. Since then his concert career has developed on five continents.

Kotaro has performed solo in major concert venues, including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Wigmore Hall, Konzerthaus Berlin, Salle Gaveau, Victoria Hall, Forbidden City Concert Hall and Suntory Hall. His performances with orchestras include the Cleveland Orchestra, Moscow Philharmonic, Israel Philharmonic, Finnish Radio Symphony, Dresden Philharmonic, Toulouse National Capitole Orchestra, Lille National Orchestra, Galicia Royal Philharmonic and NHK Symphony Orchestra.

Kotaro Fukuma has released commercial CDs from Naxos, ARS Produktion, Éditio ns Hortus, Orpheus Classical, DENON and Accustika. Fukuma’s transcription of the Moldau is available on his album “Sing to Water” (Esprit du Piano).