Yasushi Akutagawa/Shota Ezaki: Marcia in do (Transcription for 4 hands, piano duet)


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Preface: Shota Ezaki
Published in a collaboration with Three Shells Ltd. and Akutagawa Family.

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Foreword by Shota Ezaki
At the end of January 2020, Mr. Koichi Nishi, the representative of Three Shells, LTD. invited me to participate as a performer in the first part of the second edition of the concert series “Discovery of unexplored works of Japanese composers” held on February 16, the same year.

Around that time, I was enthusiastic about “Festive Suite No. 3 Marcia in do” for the wind orchestra composed by Yasushi Akutagawa, and this invitation made me want to play this piece on the piano as well as to arrange it for 4 hands and perform it. So I decide to work on it under the permission of Masumi Akutagawa.

The premiere of the arrangement was performed by Tetsuro Hagiu and me at Casa Mozart in Shibuya on February 16, 2020. I would like to thank Koichi Nishi and Masumi Akutagawa for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Marcia in do for wind orchestra

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