Tchikowsky/The Sleeping Beauty~arranged by A. Siloti (Michael Nanasakov)


1) Introduction
2~9) Act 1
10~15) Act 2
1~6) Act 2
7~16) Act 3


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An arranged version for solo piano of Tchaikovsky’s ballet “The Sleeping Beauty.” This CD includes the entire composition with the exception of one repeated section from the original score, and it was recorded with the goal of fitting both discs into exactly 79 minutes and 58 seconds each. In terms of tempo, the recording draws reference from Gergiev, never reaching excessive speed, although it would still pose a significant challenge for dancers to perform. There are a few additions by Nanasakov, contributing to a sense of swiftness in the performance.

The arranger, Alexander Siloti, seems to have aimed at capturing every nuance of the original score, but it is worth noting that the piano version of the entire composition was created at Tchaikovsky’s request before the premiere, likely with the intention of accommodating ballet rehearsals. Rather than imposing his own artistic identity on the arrangement, Siloti’s focus appears to be on making the piece more pianistically accessible and effective, reflecting the desires and innovations of a pianist.

Who is Michael Nanasakov?

The first VIRTUAL pianist in the world who plays unplayable, ignored or rarely played pieces. The public profile is “Born in Lithuania, Vitrinus 1955”, but actually Nanasakov is a project with a computer and an automatic piano playing by its producer, Junichi Nanasawa. In 1990, Michael debuted with a complete Godowsky’s Chopin Studies recording. At the period there was no satisfying recording of them, so he gained a unique reputation with his SUPER-HUMAN technique.

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