Download Edition – J.S. Bach / Miloš Bok: Fantasia G major BWV 572 (for piano solo)


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Preface: Miloš Bok (English, Japanese)


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live recording by the transcriber himself


My whole life, I have had a devout respect of Bach, which is deepening as I grow old. He definitely is a phenomenon who has created works which are the greatest of model of an artist’s ideal.

As an original luminary, Bach has of course works great and small, of various kinds. Some of them are more conventional, some uncommon, even experimental in their use of harmony and form, but in humble service of the most spiritual of musical expression. The Fantasia in G Major is one of those. It might be less familiar to some, at least given how exceptional it is, which might be why I felt the need to arrange it for piano. In fact, it has been a big challenge to do so with natural humility towards the composer while projecting oneself in it not only through pianistic workmanship, but also through harmonic changes in the ending and through a development of Bach’s ideas in my own harmonic vision. In a sense, it is my soul-stirred and grateful salute sent to the depths of the centuries of times past: “You are not alone, even though you might have felt like this when you created such an elusive work, we are here with You, in the distant future, and you are shining our way with a divine hope, in the midst of modern darkened times…”

Miloš Bok