Konami Amusement (Virkato Wakhmaninov): Piano Concerto No. 1 “Anti-Ares” Arrangement for Solo Piano by Hayato Sumino (Cateen)


Tax excluded|230 x 300 mm|16pages
Composed by Konami Amusement (Virkato Wakhmaninov)
Arrangement for Solo Piano by Hayato Sumino (Cateen)
Preface by Hayato Sumino (Cateen)

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Piano Concerto No.1 “Anti-Ares” (composed by Konami Amusement/Virkato Wakhmaninov), arranged for solo piano by internationally acclaimed pianist Hayato Sumino (Cateen), is now available. This piece was one of the most influential pieces for him as a teenager and became a huge hit when it was released on YouTube in 2019, with 2.28 million views as of February 2022. Originally, “Anti-Ares” was one of the tracks in the music game ” beatmania IIDX 11 IIDX RED”, but as the title suggests, it has strong classical music elements and is a passionate piece of work that lives up to the name “Piano Concerto”. With this score in hand, you can enjoy it in a variety of ways, such as watching performance videos or playing it yourself.

Hayato Sumino
Born in 1995, he won the Grand Prix at the PTNA Piano Competition Grade Superior in 2018 while still a postgraduate student at the University of Tokyo, which led him to begin his professional musical career. He was a semi-finalist at the 18th International Chopin Piano Competition in 2021 and has performed with the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, the Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Brasov. From September 2018, he spent six months at the French Institute of Acoustics and Music (IRCAM) working on music information processing. He has studied with Jean-Marc Luisada, Katsuko Kaneko, Tomoaki Yoshida. He graduated from the postgraduate program of the University of Tokyo, and currently performs concerts in Japan and abroad, as well as delivering videos of himself composing, arranging and playing music under the name “Cateen” on YouTube, which has over 920,000 subscribers and 100 million views (as of February 2022). Her first full album “HAYATOSM” (eplus music) was released in December 2020 and reached No.8 on the Oricon daily chart. He has appeared on numerous TV shows including “Jounetsu Tairiku”, “Birth Day” and “Untitled Concert”, and is a CASIO ambassador for electronic musical instruments and a Steinway artist. He is now attracting attention as a truly new type of pianist, with a solid position in classical music, but with a careful focus on all music that is beyond genres.

Hayato Sumino ©︎@ogata_photo


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