Kōsaku Yamada: Piano Works I “Early Works in the Classical Style”


Tax excluded|230 x 300 mm|96 pages
Preface (in Japanese) by Satoru Takaku
Edited by Nanako Sugiura


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It includes works from his Berlin period that have never been published before, such as Gavottes, Rondos and Variations, as well as reprints of classical style works such as Sonatas and Chaconnes, some of which were originally published by the former DAI-ICHI HOKI CO. These works are a valuable record of the early days of the Japanese classical music world, and are fine pieces reflecting the joy of being the first Japanese to study classical music in Europe.

Menuetto / 2 Sonatines / Sonata No. 1 / Allegro moderato / Sonata No. 2 / Gavotte / March / A melody on an autumn day / Lied ohne Worte / Variationen g-moll / Variationen A-dur / Theme and Variations in C / Chaconne c-moll / Chaconne c-dur / Olympic March

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