Kōsaku Yamada: Piano Works III “Incomplete Works” (Completed by Masanori Enoki)


Tax excluded|230 x 300 mm|48 pages
Completed by Masanori Enoki
Preface (in Japanese) by Satoru Takaku
Edited by Nanako Sugiura


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Impromptu* / Sonata-extasier* / Serenade* / Erinnerungen an mine Kobe zeit*
《Appendix》Genji Rakucho

Enoki Masanori, an up-and-coming composer and improviser, has supplemented and completed large-scale works such as ”Sonata-extasier, “Impromptu”, “Erinnerungen an mine Kobe zeit (Memories of Kobe)” and ”Serenade’ ‘, which Yamada never completed. Each of these works is a large-scale work unlike any of his currently known piano works, and is a substantial achievement from the early days of Japanese piano music, influenced by Scriabin and Chopin, but refined by Yamada’s unique pianism.

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