CD: Nanako Sugiura(Pf) En Vacances – from French baroque music to de Séverac & Tailleferre


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  1. Louis Couperin: Prélude
  2. Louis Couperin: Tombeau
  3. François Couperin: Les Barricades mystérieuses
  4. François Couperin: Le Dodo
  5. Rameau: Musette
  6. Rameau : Fanfarinette
  7. Barbastre: La Malesherbes
  8. Barbastre: La Morisseau
  9. J.S. Bach: Gavotte from French suite no. 4
  10. de Séverac: En Vacances – 1er série
  11. Tailleferre: Impromptu
  12. Tailleferre: Romance
  13. Tailleferre: Pas trop vite
  14. Tailleferre:  La Valce lente

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Nanako Sugiura Profile
Nanako Sugiura graduated from the Faculty of Literature, Japan Literature Course at Kyoritsu Women’s University. She completed the Master’s program at the Musashino Music University. After graduation, she served as an accompanist trainee at the university. In addition to solo recitals, she has performed in many concerts, including the Czech Philharmonic Zlín’s 10th-anniversary concert in Japan in May 2018 and La Folle Journée Marunouchi Area Concert in May 2019. In recent years, she has actively engaged in commissions and premieres of new works.

Since 2016, she has been hosting the “Evening of Japanese Works” series at the PTNA Public Recording Concert, performing and recording numerous Japanese compositions. She has recorded numerous performance videos and explanatory notes for several pieces in the PTNA Piano Piece Dictionary. In November 2018, she released the CD “Yamada Kosaku Piano Works Collection,” which was selected as a “Special Selection” by the Record Geijutsu magazine.

As part of her commitment to Japanese works, she conducts research on Japanese compositions as a staff member at Zen-On Music Publishing Co., Ltd. and participates as a pianist in the “Yamada Kosaku Piano Works Publication Project.” She also manages a piano studio at her home.

Nanako Sugiura serves as a judge for the Japan Classical Music Competition, a Pitina Piano Step Advisor, and a judge for the Pitina Piano Competition. She is a regular member of the Japan-France Contemporary Music Association and a member of the Japan Society for Music Expression. She is also a Pitina regular member.

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