Chopin/Godowsky: Complete 53 studies on Chopin’s etudes (Michael Nanasakov)


1) 【No.1】 Op.10-1: C major / diatonic
2) 【No.2】 Op.10-1: C flat major / left hand
3) 【No.3】 Op.10-2: A minor / left hand
4) 【No.4】 Op.10-2: A minor (Ignis fatuus)
5) 【No.5】 Op.10-3: D flat major / left hand
6) 【No.6】 Op.10-4: C sharp minor / left hand
7) 【No.7】 Op.10-5: G flat major / on black keys
8) 【No.8】 OOp.10-5: C major / on white keys
9) 【No.9】 Op.10-5: A minor / on white keys (Tarantella)
10) 【No.10 】Op.10-5: A major / on white and black keys (Capriccio)
11) 【No.11 】Op.10-5: G flat major / inversion, left hand, on bl. k.
12) 【No.12 】Op.10-5: G flat major / inversion, left hand, on bl.k
13) 【No.12a】Op.10-5: G flat major / left hand
14) 【No.13】 Op.10-6: E flat minor / left hand
15) 【No.14】 Op.10-7: C major (Toccata)
16) 【No.15】 Op.10-7: G flat major (Nocturne)
17) 【No.15a】 Op.10-7: E flat major / left hand
18) 【No.16】 Op.10-8: F major
19) 【No.16a】 Op.10-8: G flat majoi / left hand
20) 【No.17】 Op.10-9: C sharp minor
21) 【No.18】 Op.10-9: F minor / imitation of Op.25 N0.2
22) 【No.18a】 Op.10-9: F sharp minor / left hand
23) 【No.19】 Op.10-10: D major
24) 【No.20】 Op.10-10: A flat maior / left hand
25) 【No.21】 Op.10-11: A major / left hand
26) 【No.22】 Op.10-12: C sharp minor / left hand
27) 【No.23】 Op.25-1: A flat major / left hand
28) 【No.24】 Op.25-1: A flat major / like a piece for 4 hands
29) 【No.25】 Op.25-1: A flat major
1) 【No.26】 Op.25-2: F minor
2) 【No.27】 Op.25-2: F minor
3) 【No.28】 Op.25-2: F minor / a. for the right hand
4) 【No.28】 Op.25-2: F minor / b. in Oct.
5) 【No.28a】 Op.25-2: F sharp minor / left hand
6) 【No.29】 Op.25-3: F major (Ordinal)
7) 【No.29】 Op.25-3: F major (Ossia)
8) 【No.30】 Op.25-3: F major / left hand
9) 【No.31】 Op.25-4: A minor / left hand
10) 【No.32】 Op.25-4: F minor
11) 【No.33】 Op.25-5: E minor
12) 【No.34】 Op.25-5: C sharp minor
13) 【No.35】 Op.25-5: B flat minor / left hand
14) 【No.36】 Op.25-6: G sharp minor / in thirds
15) 【No.38】 Op.25-8: D flat major / in sixths (Ordinal)
16) 【No.38】 Op.25-8: D flat major / in sixths (Ossia)
17) 【No.39】 Op.25-9: G flat major
18) 【No.40】 Op.25-9: G flat major / left hand (Ordinal)
19) 【No.40】 Op.25-9: G flat major / left hand (Ossia)
20) 【No.41】 Op.25-10: B minor / left hand
21) 【No.42】 Op.25-11: A minor
22) 【No.43】 Op.25-12: C sharp minor / left hand
23) 【No.44】 Meth M-F No.1: F minor / left hand
24) 【No.45】 Meth M-F No.2: E major
25) 【No.45a】 Meth M-F No.2: D flat major / left hand
26) 【No.46】 Meth M-F No.3: G major
27) 【No.47】 Op.10-5 & Op.25-9: G flat major / Two studies combined
28) 【No.47】 Op.10-5 & Op.25-9: G flat major / No. 47 ossia
29) 【No.48】 Op.10-11 & Op.25-3: F major / Two studies combined
30)  No.11 & No.12 Multiple recording with Piano 1 and Piano 2

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Nowadays you can listen to other recordings of this innovative arrangements set, but in 90’s there are a few accessible recordings and among them few are satisfiable. Thus the debut of Nanasakov in 1990 with the complete 53 studies on Chopin’s etudes was a really epoch-making event. The virtual pianist easily surpasses human beings, his technique revealed the real value of the pieces. 20 years after, he re-recorded them with newer technologies.

About Godowsky

As pianist-composer, Godowsky was a restless person in the late 19th to the early 20th century. Although he was a self-taught pianist, only few can be comparable. That’s why he was called “The Pianists’ Pianist” or “King of the pianists”.

His uniqueness of the composition is its very elaborated and complex counterpoints which even those who have small hands can play. Once Rachmaninoff said, “Godowsky is the only musician of this age who has given a real, lasting contribution to the development of the piano”. His innovative and complex fingering made ordinary pianists turn away from his pieces, but recently ambitious pianists play them in concerts or recordings.

Who is Michael Nanasakov?

The first VIRTUAL pianist of the world who plays unplayable, ignored or rarely played pieces. The public profile is “Born in Lithuania, Vitrinus 1955”, but actually Nanasakov is a project with a computer and an automatic playing piano by its producer, Junichi Nanasawa. In 1990, Michael debuted with Godowsky’s the complete 53 studies on Chopin etudes recoding. At the period there’s no satisfying recording of them, so he gained a unique reputation with his “super-human” technique.

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