Kapustin: Piano Sonata nos. 1, 10 & 12 (Hirofumi Uematsu)


Piano Sonata no.1 ~ Sonata Fantasia ~
1) Ⅰ.Vivace, 2) Ⅱ.Largo, 3) Ⅲ.Scherzo, 4) IV.Allegro Molto
Piano Sonata no.10
5) Ⅰ.Allegro, 6) Ⅱ.Largo, 7) Ⅲ.Toccata
Piano Sonata no.12
8) Ⅰ.Allegretto, 9) Ⅱ.Allegro assai
10) Variations
11) no.2 from 3 inprovisations *
12) The end of the rainbow *
13) Fantasia *
14) Motive force *
15) Humolesque *
*Live Recording

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Russian-born composer, Nikolai Kapustin is known by his characteristic musical language; tasteful adaptation of Jazz at the same time based on the traditional classical music. Its rhythmical moving force is very attractive. The CD contains the works after 1984 when the composer became independent from his career in a theater pianist with an ambition to be a serious composer. Kapustin’s works are difficult to play in tempo he suggests, but Uematsu keeps it well with his superb technique. He achieves to show how the pieces should sound.

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