Guillaume Lekeu: Piano Album


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Foreword: Tomoyuki Sawado (Sonetto Classics CEO)


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Introduction by Tomoyuki awado (Sonetto Classics)
At the end of the nineteenth century, there existed in Paris a group of musicians called “The Franckists” (including d’Indy, Duparc, Chausson, Pierné, Vierne, Tournemirer, Ropartz, and Holmès), who admired the Belgian-French composer César Franck as “Père Franck”. Among those who played an important role in the modern French school, Guillaume Lekeu (1870-1894) was probably the one who most deserved to be dubbed a genius, though nowadays his works are rarely heard except for the Violin Sonata, the Piano Quartet, and the Adagio for string orchestra. This is because, as his senior Vincent d’Indy lamented, Lekeu “died at the age of 24 before showing his gifts in any complete form,” though he was by temperament “almost a genius.” His piano works, in particular, are largely unknown, and for many years the autograph manuscripts of them were buried in the storage rooms of universities and libraries. A new published collection of his piano music thus has great historical importance.

Table of Contents
Tempo di Mazurka
Allegro marcato (Unpublished)
Berceuse et Valse (Unpublished)
Trois Pièces
Berceuse (Unpublished)

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