Schumann/Golka: Abendlied (Evening Song) Op. 85, No. 12 (Arrangement for piano solo)


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Foreword: Adam Golka (Japanese, English)


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Adam Gorka has arranged “Evening Song,” No. 12 in “12 Pieces for Little Children and Big Children,” a collection of piano works for four hands by Robert Schumann, for solo piano performance.

I immediately fell in love with Abendlied when reading Schumann’s four-hand piano music with a friend about ten years ago. It is the last of a charming and rarely-played set of pieces called “12 Pieces for Small and Large Children,” but in its effect it is a world apart from the other works of the opus. Along with some Bach Sarabandes and the Largo from Chopin’s Cello Sonata, I cannot think of any piece of music which can so completely express the world in less than 30 measures.
―Foreword by Adam Golka

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