Kōsaku Yamada: Piano Works II “Arrangements of Songs by Kōsaku Yamada” (arranged by Mana Hirano, Minami Nagai & Sota Aoki)


Tax excluded|230 x 300 mm|64 pages
Preface: Satoru Takaku
Edited: Nanako Sugiura


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Yamada is still known to this day for his famous songs such as ‘Akatombo (Dragonfly)’ and ‘Kono Mich (This Road)i’, which are well-known to all Japanese people, but there is also his own arrangement of “Karatachi no Hana”, which is still performed to this day. Following Yamada’s example, young composers Sota Aoki, Mana Hirano and Minami Nagai have taken many of Yamada’s masterpieces and transformed them into piano works.

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