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Preface: Gen Hirano
Notice: This download edition doesn’t contain “Samuel Barber / Gen Hirano: Adagio for strings (Transcription for solo piano)”.


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Commentary by Gen Hirano
Etude in F minor (1st version) / Etude in F minor (2nd version)

I originally composed these pieces at the request of an acquaintance of mine who was involved in the production of a TV drama, but it was not used in the drama eventually. Based on their request, the two pieces have the same theme but opposite atmospheres.

Prelude and Fugue
It incorporates elements of Jazz and is a tribute and parody of Friedrich Gulda.

Fugue in F minor
When it comes to fugues, Bach is the obvious first choice, but I am also a big fan of the fugues of Romanticists like Franck. Therefore, this piece is a tribute, or rather a parody, of César Franck.

Nocturne “Broken Cage” for the left hand alone
One day in 1992, the year of John Cage’s death, a group of friends organized a concert in his memory. Among the works by and inspired by Cage being performed, this piece of mine did not follow the concept at all. It had nothing to do with John Cage, but I convinced everyone that the title “Broken Cage” included Cage.

Fugue in Eb minor for the left hand alone (or both hands)
As I am also a fan of Godowsky, I was tempted to make a three-voice fugue for the left hand only. But in case it was too difficult, I decided that it could be played with both hands. However, I would like to remind you that it should be played by the left hand only if possible.

Fugue on a Theme from “Moon over the Ruined Castle”
As a fugue, this was my first composition. I had been thinking that the theme of “Moon over the Ruined Castle” was suitable for a fugue since I was a junior high school student, and it finally took shape when I was 19.