Hiroshi Minami: Nonchalant (Ending Theme from the Movie “Between the White and Black Keys”)


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Preface (Japanese, English): Hiroshi Minami


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“Between the White and Black Keys” is an autobiographical essay by Hiroshi Minami, a leading Japanese jazz pianist, published in 2008. In 2023, it was adapted into a film starring Sosuke Ikematsu, featuring an impactful ending theme composed and performed by Minami himself. The sheet music for this theme is now available. It includes both the version from the movie’s soundtrack and the latest recording from the album “Scene.” The notation aims to faithfully reproduce the performance for piano and whistling, including articulations. Additionally, it features chord charts (lead sheets) used in jazz improvisation and is equipped with lyrics in both Japanese and English, making it playable as a song.

Minami Hiroshi
Born in Tokyo in 1960, he graduated from the Tokyo University of Music in 1986, specializing in percussion. He was mentored in piano by Koji Taku, Christian Jacob, and Steve Kuhn. He earned a Berklee College of Music scholarship in 1988, completing the Performance Program by 1991. In the 1990s, based in Boston, his musical journey spanned Europe, collaborating and touring extensively. A close association with Danish trumpeter Kasper Tranberg led to standout performances, including the apperence at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and several recordings. In Japan, he led a regular group “GO THERE.” He also actively collaborated with notable musicians such as Chie Ayado, Naruyoshi Kikuchi, Jim Black, Chris Speed, and a legendary Okinawan vocalist, Sumiko Yoseyama. In 2008, his acclaimed web diary was published under the title ‘Between the White and Black Keys.’ This autobiographical work became the basis for the 2023 film adaptation of the same name. He has authored four essay collections thus far. His piano students include Ichiyo Izawa (ex. Tokyo Jihen) and Shunsuke Watanabe (Schroeder-Headz), and many others.。

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