Saburo Moroi – New publications (1)

Among our latest publications, two neglected works by Saburō Moroi(1903-1977) are to be welcomed by enthusiasts; some may know his piano sonate nr. 2 by the recording of Gerhard Oppitz. 
Moroi studied in Berlin. He wrote many sonates, but only one has been published before WW2. HIs output is vast but almost forgotten. Naxos released his symphony no.3, but almost all of his works remained unpublished or discontinued.

-Sonate Nr.II – As moll für Klavier, Op. 7 (1927)
Perhaps it is the most elaborated piano sonata at the time. This sonate shows us how he is well aware of the piano writings; he is an admirer of Beethoven. It is not the one Oppitz recorded (which is to be released in the near future); Moroi renumbered his piano sonates, so it often occurs confusion.
You can listen to a recording by an amateur pianist:

-Preludio e Allegro giocoso (1970-1971)
Composer’s late work. At first, he wrote preludio on September 9th, 1970 and then composed Allegro giocoso on September 28th. It was written for his second wife who is a pianist and premiered it.

We’ll publish the rest of his works, but the manuscript of some works are presumably lost or conserved by the relevant person. If you have any information, please contact us.