New Release: Ravel’s “La Valse” transcribed by Kōtarō Fukuma

この画面は次の言語に切り替えられます: 日本語 Français

The music score of La Valse by Ravel, transcribed by Kōtarō Fukuma will be released on December 23rd. The price is 2,500 yen (excluding tax) on 32 pages. This transcription has been recorded on Fukuma’s latest album “France Romance” and have been also performed at concerts by the Fukuma himself. In addition to direct sales on our website, you can also order from local music stores and book stores in Japan.

Although the composer himself left a piano solo arrangement for La Valse, many pianists have created their own arrangements in pursuit of a more orchestral sound. Fukuma’s one captures the largest number of notes among them and closest to the orchestral version. Please pick it up and enjoy it together with the recording of Fukuma.