Prokofiev: Piano Concerto 1-3 – 2 pianos version (Michael Nanasakov)


1~3) Piano Concerto No.1 in D flat major Op.10
4~7) Piano Concerto No.2 in G minor Op.16
8~9) Piano Concerto No.3 in C major Op.26

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Once you would write down a piano concerto, then what would you do for concertizing it? For obtaining the fund from sponsors, you would try to illustrate for them how it sounds. “The orchestral scores are not sold well, but there is a demand for an arrangement for 2 pianos”, the publisher would say to you. Yes, it’s a substitution of the orchestra, but no other than the work for 2 pianos. If the orchestral part is written by the composer himself, the arrangement captures its essence. It is disrespect to regard it as the sheet music for exercising. Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953) is also an excellent pianist, he would play it for his patrons. These works should be played not only in practice room but also in concert.

Alkan, an enigmatic person

The earliest student who was admitted to enter the Paris Conservatory will get acquainted with virtuosos such as Chopin and Liszt, etc. His demanding and innovative pieces are hardly appreciated in his hermit-like lifetime. But Hans von Bulow named him “Berlioz of the piano” and Busoni honored “one of the most important piano composers”. Then mid-20 century his works were rediscovered and appreciated. 12 etudes in all minor keys, op.39 are his most important and largest work. As no.4-7 are called “Symphony”, no.8-10 “Concerto” and no.11 is “Overture”, he cultivates extremely the sonority of the piano in this solo piano setting.

Who is Michael Nanasakov?

The first VIRTUAL pianist of the world who plays unplayable, ignored or rarely played pieces. The public profile is “Born in Lithuania, Vitrinus 1955”, but actually Nanasakov is a project with a computer and an automatic playing piano by its producer, Junichi Nanasawa. In 1990, Michael debuted with Godowsky’s the complete 53 studies on Chopin etudes recoding. At the period there’s no satisfying recording of them, so he gained a unique reputation with his “super-human” technique.

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