Tchaikovsky(Arr. Siloti): Sleeping Beauty for solo piano 2CDs (Michael Nanasakov)


1) Introduction
2~9) Act 1
10~15) Act 2
1~6) Act 2 continue
7~16) Act 3


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The unique characteristic of Siloti’s arrangements is that he achieves the desire and innovation as a pianist to make pieces easier to play and therefore resound effectively rather than reflecting his own personality in his works. This is the same for Sleeping Beauty, recorded on this CD.
Siloti arranged the piano transcription at the composer’s request before the first ballet performance, you can imagine that he may have thought about using this arrangement for ballet practice. It means that he intended to try to capture all the sounds of the original piece when arranging it.
However, Siloti was perfected as a virtuoso pianist by Liszt and Nikolai Rubinstein therefore, scores arranged by him demands the pianist: a broad, jumping action, high-speed scales with chords in thirds, and instantaneous chords that are difficult to play with one hand and although these are simple music, they demand advanced technical skills. This makes us think that he really was a virtuoso to the end and that he just disliked the complexity of the three-hand effect.

Who is Michael Nanasakov?

The first VIRTUAL pianist of the world who plays unplayable, ignored or rarely played pieces. The public profile is “Born in Lithuania, Vitrinus 1955”, but actually Nanasakov is a project with a computer and an automatic playing piano by its producer, Junichi Nanasawa. In 1990, Michael debuted with complete Godowsky’s Chopin Studies recoding. At the period there’s no satisfying recording of them, so he gained a unique reputation with his SUPER-HUMAN technique.

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